Daily Prompt: Bookworms

Daily Prompt: Bookworms.

10th Word: Before

She gets her notebook with the list of the things she wants to do before she die. Her life is in a huge trouble, but she doesn’t know about it. Good thing that she already planned what she should do before she die.

She wears her blazers and her cap akin to aviators, and leaves her room.

Her first thing to do in her list was to kiss a stranger in his lips, torridly. Whilst she’s on her way to somewhere, she sees a guy wearing an emerald-colored hoodie and he keeps hiding his face. She walks nearer him, and lifts his head then kisses him. The guy was shocked but he just kissed her back.

After she kissed the guy, she left him there awed. But to her biggest surprise, the guy followed her and asked her what’s her name and why did she do as such, she doesn’t answered back, rather she just ignored him and continues to walk.

Next in her list was to steal a cloth on her favorite clothing boutique without getting caught. Since the guy keeps on following her, she asks if he can help her and the guy accepts it. They entered the boutique and stole something without getting caught.

She lives a life of a badass together with a stranger that she just kissed torridly. I think he enjoys it. 

They spend the whole day fulfilling her list, until someone just stabbed her in her stomach when it’s nearly dawn.

The guy smirks and said, “I tricked you little lady.”


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